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There is nothing as powerful as simple names that accurately describes what you do. These New Zealand premium domain names are rare, one-word, short, memorable and perfect for any business that wants to succeed online. We have carefully collected and preserved them just for their deserving future owners.

Once you have identified your domain of interest, contact us to make an offer and it can be 100% yours in less than 24 hours.

domain transfer processOur domain transfer process is really fast and simple. You can take ownership of your new domain within 24 hours following the purchase.

A typical domain purchase….

  1. A cost is agreed upon and invoice is e-mailed to you immediately
  2. For higher value domains a deposit may be required – once received the property transfer is conducted online within minutes.
  3. New owner takes control of the domain name and pays the remaining balance via internet banking.
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Please note: we do not list domains on behalf of 3rd parties.

Choosing Your New Zealand Business Name

Selecting a new business or brand name can be more complex than imagined. It is important to carefully choose a name that will enhance your business and does not clash with other businesses with similar names. You don’t want to be forced to change your established business name in future. It is too costly and avoidable.

Business or Trade names

In New Zealand, there is no central register for business names, so sole traders and partnerships are free to use any business or trade name they choose (unless you are forming a company). Be that as it may, it is still imperative to keep away from any conceivable clash with another business who may claim that your name is similar to their trade name, or who as of now possesses the domain of your proposed business name. This could result in a conflict of interest.

5-step business name evaluation process

1. Given that the web is such an important component to most businesses (over time it will be critical), it is a good idea to secure a domain name first (in conjunction with steps 2-5 below). In your web browser, type the name of the name you are considering with “” at the end of it to see if a business is already using it online. If the page does not load, that domain may be available for registration at a registrar such as Register Direct. However, most of the good domain names have already been taken – if there is content displaying at the URL though, the domain may simply be ‘parked’ for later use and could be available for sale. Alternatively, you may opt to buy one from above-listed domain names for sale.

2. Check for existing companies with exact or similar names using the Register Search tool on the Companies Office website.

3) Use the Trademark Search on the Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand (IPONZ) site to see if there are existing claims to trading, brand, or product names. Take note of whether the Trademark is current, as many have expired.

4) Search telephone books, business directories, and search engines such as Google, UBD, Onliner or YellowPages

5) Make sure you check the dictionary definition and synonyms of your proposed name (some terms may have multiple meanings that may not shine a positive light on your business), then run your shortlist by friends & family to see what they think.

It is possible for someone else to use the same business name if you operate as either as a sole trader or a partnership. Although the Fair Trading Act does offer some protection, there may be little you could do to prevent other businesses from using a similar name – especially smaller businesses who may operate in other geographic areas. This is why it is a good idea to apply for a trademark not only to obtain greater legal protection but to help inform others who may consider using your name in future that it is being used. Prevention is cheaper and less painful than the cure!

Domain names
A short, memorable domain name in format is essential for your New Zealand business. If you also export, you should attempt to register or acquire a domain in each market’s local domain suffix – this gives the appearance of local commitment and support. This may be an expensive and time-consuming process, but the longer you leave it the more expensive it will be to acquire each domain.

If you are only operating in NZ, this is much easier as you only need to acquire a domain. You may like to register other suffixes such as but it is critical that you own the or you will lose traffic/customers to the owner of the domain (90%+ of domains registered in NZ are

Company names
A business gains a limited amount of protection for their name when they incorporate a company using that name. When you form an NZ company, you can be assured that another company cannot be formed with exactly the same name as yours. However, you cannot stop existing or new businesses operating as sole traders or partnerships from using the same name unless you take them to court, but that will take time and money and it is not certain that you will win.

Please note that you may have multiple trading names operating under one company as a legal entity.

The first step towards incorporating a company is reserving a name online.

Once you have registered a trademark you can be sure that another trademark with a name and image exactly the same as yours cannot be registered. Registering your trademark also enables you to take action against anyone attempting to use an identical or a ‘confusingly similar’ name within the same or a similar industry.

Trademark registration can be simple if it is a unique term, but if you are attempting to trademark a more generic term or phrase you may want to consult with your Lawyer or IP (Intellectual Property) specialist. For more free information visit the Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand (IPONZ) site.

We hope this has helped you to create a great list of business name ideas – all the best in securing a great name for your new business venture!

Company or Marketing names
Nevertheless, it’s still vital that you prevent potential conflict with a different company who might promise that the name is comparable with their trading name, or who already possesses the domain name of your planned business name – which could cause customer confusion.
Our urged 5 measure business name assessment procedure:
1) Given the internet is this kind of important part to the majority of companies (over time it’ll be essential), it’s advisable to procure a domain name first (in combination with measures 2-5 below). In the event the page doesn’t load, that domain name could be around for enrollment in a registrar including Register Direct. But the majority of the nice domain names have previously been taken – if there’s content showing in the URL however, the domain name might be around on the market and may only be ‘parked’ for later use. Instead, you could prefer to purchase one from above-listed domain names available.
Be aware of if the Logo is present, as many have expired.
In the event you work as a sole trader or a partnership, it’s easy for another person to make use of precisely the same business name. For this reason this is recommended to make an application to get a logo not only to get legal protection that is greater but to help educate others who might contemplate making use of your name that it’s used. Prevention is cheaper and not as debilitating compared to the treatment!
Company names
A business gets a small quantity of protection for his or her name when they incorporate a firm using that name. It is possible to be guaranteed that another firm can’t be formed with the identical name as yours when you form a NZ business. Nevertheless, it’s impossible to cease new or existing companies operating as sole traders or partnerships from using the exact same name if you don’t take them to court, but which will devote some time plus cash and it’s also not sure you will win.
A name is being reserved by the initial step towards incorporating a business online.
Please be aware which you might have several trading names running under one firm as a legal thing.
Domain names
A brief, memorable domain name in format is vital for the New Zealand company. Should you too export, obtain or you need to try to register a domain name in every marketplace’s local domain name suffix – this provides the looks of local commitment and support. This could possibly be an expensive and time consuming procedure, but the the more time you leave it the higher priced it’ll be to get each domain name.
Should you be exclusively running in NZ, this can be a lot simpler as you just need to get a domain name. You might want to register other suffixes such as but it’s essential that you possess the or you’ll lose traffic/customers to whoever owns the domain name (90% of domain names registered in NZ are
You might make sure that another brand using a name and picture precisely the same be filed once you’ve filed a brand. Filing your logo additionally lets you take actions against anyone wanting to make use of an a a ‘confusingly similar or identical name that is ’ inside the same business or the same.
Hopefully it has helped one to produce an excellent set of business name notions in procuring an excellent name on your new business venture – all the best!
Brand registration might be straightforward when it is an original term, but if you’re trying to trademark a more common term or phrase you may choose to talk to your Attorney or IP (Intellectual Property) specialist.